Pictar. Probably the best iPhone Camera-Grip Ever Built.

We are pleased to say we are currently working with Miggo who have just launched their latest KickStarter campaign.

Over a year in the making, Pictar turns your iPhone into something that resembles more of a classic camera – both in looks and functionality. We all take photos with our iPhones – and one of the my biggest bugbears is trying to get a picture one handed whilst desperately trying to make sure I don’t drop my phone and smash the screen into smithereens. We love the design of Pictar – say goodbye to those heart stopping moments when you are trying to manoeuvre your phone to get the perfect shot and you end up juggling it to try and stop it hitting the floor. The choice of being able to add a neck or wrist strap is also a massive bonus, and further helps to the feeling that your iPhone is secure.

Awesome design aside, Pictar brings out features of your camera app which aren’t normally accessible – such as shooting modes, exposure compensation and white balance. There is a zoom ring/selfie button, shutter release button, exposure compensation wheel, customisable smart wheel, tripod screw mount and a cold shoe mount for attaching other accessories such as an LED light.

Pictar communicates with your iPhone through a dedicated app using high frequency dual tone sounds. These are inaudible to the human ear and significantly increase battery life when compared to Bluetooth connectivity which is a bonus. Due to the expanding design it supports iPhone models 4 through to 6S.

After being on Kickstarter for less than 24 hours the project has already received 52% of it’s funding – which is great news!

Pictar ProductFor more information please see www.kickstarter.com/projects/mymiggo/pictar-probably-the-best-iphone-camera-grip-ever-b 

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