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Learning to code is everywhere. With the introduction of coding back on the curriculum 2 years ago, and the immense success of the Raspberry Pi, more and more people are learning to code. With FUZE Technologies that is now easier than ever as they have made FUZE BASIC available for free on Windows PCs. That’s right – free. And we mean free – you don’t even need to enter your email address to get the download. All you need to do is head to their website, click on the link and it will download. Simple!

You may be thinking that coding is far too complicated for you, that it is not a skill you need to have, that no-one who learns to code uses it… All of these are not quite true. With FUZE BASIC, coding is easier than ever. Take the below for example, and see the difference between writing a simple programme in FUZE BASIC and Python. Suddenly it seems a bit simpler right?

Hello World

All you need to get started is your existing Windows PC and the FUZE BASIC download. FUZE have even provided downloads of project workbooks for free so you will have everything you need to start coding. Best of all, no previous experience is required. So, if you are looking for a new challenge or for something for the kids to get stuck into during the summer holidays head over to www.fuze.co.uk to find out more.

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