IFA 2017

As IFA 2017 comes to a close in Berlin today, we reflect on what was a great few days out there with one of our clients – STM Goods. After arriving on Thursday we spent 4 days on the STM stand showing their fantastic new range (more info coming soon!), and stylish iPhone cases from Element Case.


The plethora of announcements that has come out of IFA the last week has seen robots, pet tech, wareable tech, phones, VR and much more. It gives another glimpse into what we can expect from the future – from Panasonic’s Movable Fridge that is voice responsive and moves around without bumping into children or pets, to Sharp’s 8K TV, to digital assistants in speakers, headphones, phones, lamps and more – the variety of tech on display at IFA was, again, astonishing. Sometimes wacky at times as well (anyone for a massager that is said to get rid of a double chin by vibrating it away if you use it for a minute a day?!), IFA has again provided plenty of launches that will keep the tech world going for a while – until CES in a few months anyway! Keep an eye out for the new launches from STM Goods and Element Case we have coming!


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