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We are quite often out and about at meetings or events, and though we have got used to the standard black laptop bags to carry gear around in, it was a welcome bit of news when we spoke to our client STM about their new range of bags. Named the Grace after US Navy Admiral ‘Amazing’ Grace Hopper who helped developed the first programming language that revolutionised the computer world, the Grace range is elegant, fun and strikes a balance between simplicity and style. stm grace all dark purple front angle Combining STM’s trademark focus on protection for your digital gear, and clever thoughtful design, the Grace is a chic and sophisticated range. Consisting of a Clutch, Sleeve and Deluxe Sleeve, the whole range is designed to carry, protect and organise just the essentials of any digital day and are all slim enough to drop into another larger bag if necessary. They all come in four different colour options – night sky, dark purple, coral/dove and teal dot/night sky, and for 13″ or 15″ laptops. We are having trouble here deciding on our favourite (Jess has voted for purple to go with her purple laptop, obviously). STM Grace_Deluxe Sleeve The Clutch is available for £14.95, Sleeve for £29.95 and Deluxe Sleeve for £39.95. For more information please see

Review units are available – if you would like to see any please contact Jess on

Here’s to wonderfully coloured and protective laptop bags!

MAGIX Launches Movie Edit Pro 2016

We are pleased to announce that MAGIX have launched latest version of it’s popular video editing solution – Movie Edit Pro 2014. Boasting a multitude of unique features ranging from H.265 support and high quality image stabilisation to working with footage from 360° cameras and action cams, this is software that film hobbyists can really get excited about. MEP 2016_Plus_resize Among the many improvements, MAGIX has specifically focused on optimizing the way users work with Movie Edit Pro. This is why the program is the first consumer video editing solution to support the HEVC/H.265 compression standard with Intel codec technology. Hardware-accelerated decoding allows H.264 videos to be decoded by the graphics card, thus freeing up the processor and greatly improving performance while editing 4K/UHD material.

Practical Tools for Smooth Video Editing! The Movie Edit Pro product family offers beginners and more advanced users a range of practical tools which allow videos to be edited down to the smallest detail.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 and Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus include the high-quality image stabilization technology in proDAD Mercalli V2. Users can remove unwanted movements, dampen CMOS sensor errors and smooth out unstable camera pans, allowing unusable footage to be restored and optimized.

In addition to comprehensive image stabilization, users can choose from over 200 new, modern title templates to add titles and text that perfectly fit the style of their video.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus – The Perfect Video Studio. Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus comes with a range of innovative and intuitive features, including 360° editing, comprehensive action cam support, beat-based video editing and much more.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus is the first video editing program to feature 360° video editing for panorama footage. The new 360° support allows users to import material from modern cameras, such as the RICOH Theta, select the sections they want to use and add them to their video.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus also allows users to edit action cam footage. From optimized import to fully-automatic editing and upload to all standard online platforms, the software is perfectly tuned for working with action cam videos. Twenty five new, high-quality and completely editable templates provide fast, professional results. Jump cuts, rewind and speed effects can be easily implemented to add more visual variation.

Keeping music and picture in perfect sync is easy with the beat-based editing feature in Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus. Users can set cut points in their own music via touchscreen or mouse and can even have these automatically set to match the beat of the music.

Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium – For Demanding Video Projects Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium combines all the new features of the Plus version with a unique selection of features from top effects packages. Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium is the first consumer video editing program in which the full version of proDAD Mercalli V4 is integrated right into the program interface.proDAD Mercalli V4 lets users turn blurry, shaky footage into perfectly stable videos.

Demanding action cam users can also take advantage of the NewBlue ActionCam Package, which offers a wide range of special effects for creating impressive action videos. Users can turn digital videos into old-looking movies with the Bleach Bypass effect and bring colour and picture to life with auto contrast, hue adjustment and RGB colour shift. A selection of presets for lens correction are also available, which can be implemented to make quick and easy changes to zoom, concavity, convexity and focus.

Price & Availability: Movie Edit Pro is available online from Amazon etc at the following prices: Movie Edit Pro £49.99 Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus £69.99 Movie Edit Pro 2016 premium £89.99

For more information please see

Say Hello to Bleat PR!

Hello and welcome to Bleat PR!Bleat-PR-HIGH_RES Bleat PR is simply a renaming of KL Associates. Set up in 2001, KL Associates has gone from strength to strength over the last 14 years, but we felt it was time for a slight change.
We all love what we do, and though we have rebranded, our core values are staying exactly the same. It is a major change for us, and will take some getting used to (remembering to use the new email is going to be the biggest challenge!), but we are excited for what the future holds for us here.
For anyone looking to get in touch with us, please now use and we will get back to you promptly.

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Our New website has finally arrived! Please feel free to browse our website developed by Minos Media.

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