Kathryn and team are a vital portal to the UK Press. Over our years of working together we have received several awards and product reviews resulting from press tours and constant contact with editors.

Beyond editorial, Kathryn keeps us in the spotlight between releases with marketing and sales promotions including cover-mounts and contests. Since we do not have a local office in the UK, working with Kathryn has established a local presence for us and now a fine reputation throughout the UK.

John Martin, Head of Marketing Global, Reallusion Software
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Kathryn has worked with MAGIX as head of UK PR on a consultancy basis for several years, in this time she has raised the profile of the MAGIX brand in the UK beyond recognition through hard work and endeavour.

Kathryn consistently manages press releases in good time and with excellent results. The cost effectiveness of her work rate is second to none. Week in and week out we gain many reviews which surpass our expectations

Tony Cornock, Sales & Marketing Manager UK, MAGIX AG

We’ve been working with the team for over four years now and can only say it has been a pleasure. Their friendly, honest and open approach has been both refreshing and valuable. We have made great use of their extensive contacts, relationships and in-depth knowledge of their business. Jessica has always been proactive and reliable and the relationship has been a very fruitful one.

We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone and in fact often refer clients to them.

Shila Silvera, Director, FUZE.co.uk
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We have been working with Kathryn and the team for almost a decade now; they have brilliant contacts throughout the press and have been amazing in helping PXS take our range of new and emerging products to the general public. I hope to be working with them for another decade, at least!

We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone and in fact often refer clients to them.

Robert Hall, Managing Director, PXS Distribution
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Swann used Kathryn Lamb and the team for 7 years and during that time PR was a key driver in growing our brand awareness and sales in the UK. Kathryn understands the importance of ROI for marketing budgets that are stretched today more than ever. She regularly goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients get the best results and value. Kathryn has an unshakeably positive attitude and energy that’s infectious and always enjoyable to be around. We highly recommend them!

Jeremy Stewart, VP Global Marketing, Swann Communications
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